Accredited Hospitality Professional (AHP)

Accredited Hospitality Professional

What is the Sonoma County AHP Program?

This educational initiative was designed to provide the Sonoma County hospitality workforce a comprehensive curriculum based on the foundational elements that make Sonoma County so unique.

Our professionals begin their journey by completing—what we refer to as—the Foundational Five. Five classes covering key areas of Sonoma County and its hospitality economy. Each foundational class will provide our professionals with critical tools for creating authentic engagement with our visitors.

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The foundational five topics include the power of tourism; customer service and visitor safety; wineries and AVAs; natural environment and sustainability; and art, history and culture. Once accredited, our members will have access to exclusive educational and networking opportunities as well as supplementary courses that will provide additional tools for their professional development.

 Our unique curriculum has been designed with the insight of industry experts in each segment, providing tactical applications and hands-on experiences. All of this to elevate our professional’s knowledge, engagement, and confidence.

Whether you’re a manager looking to foster a stronger team within your company, or an individual looking to enhance your own marketability to employers, our accreditation is an endorsement of your expertise within the hospitality industry in Sonoma County.

We hope you’ll join us in making Sonoma County synonymous with an incomparable level of service for our visitors.

Photos courtesy Sonoma County Tourism