Please join us for this important SCHA educational workshop:

Hardening Your Business:

Assessing Risk and Options

Making any changes to your business to make it more resilient is called ‘hardening’. Our recent fire and power outages, as well as increasing awareness of other potential emergencies, has many business owners wondering where to begin.

Moving beyond emergency kits and escape plans, the array of options and lack of detailed information can be overwhelming.

  • How do you critically evaluate the potential risks to your business? What is your risk tolerance?
  • How much should you invest in mitigating these risks? What’s the right plan for your business?
  • What are the pros and cons of your options?
  • Are there any options for financing these new investments?

This is the perfect time to think about choices and make plans for 2020. SCHA is pleased to bring together an outstanding panel of experts for this very important conversation.

Please join us Thursday, November 14, from 9-11 AM at Safari West’s Elephant Room for an information-packed presentation. Registration opens at 8:30 AM. 

  • We feel it is so important, that we are bringing it to our members at no charge! Pre-registration is required. 
  • Non-Member fee is $25.

Our panelists will include:

  • Dr. Nancy Brown, Community Preparedness Program Manager, County of Sonoma: Dr. Brown’s specialty is organizational resilience and she will help draw out what questions business owners should ask themselves about risk and how much they want to invest in hardening.
  • Larry Dashiell, President & CEO, SUMMIT ELECTRIC, Inc.: Mr. Dashiell has expertise in Solar and Generator Options and Assessment – He will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of various alternative energy options, price ranges, and installation timing, so that business owners know where to begin in considering these options
  • Jane Elias, Energy and Sustainability Division, County of Sonoma General Services Department: Elias will discuss financing options and other resources for investments in business hardening, including Sonoma County’s SCEIP program, which attaches long term, low interest fixed rate payments to property taxes for funding improvements.
  • Creative Thinking and Resources: The panel will review the informational resources available for our industry and tips on creative strategies for building resilience in these situations.
  • Q&A: There will be ample time for questions and answers.