Our Board of Directors is very active, with each member serving on one or more committees.


TBD, Chair
Our goal is to sustain a thriving business environment within Sonoma County’s hospitality industry. This is accomplished by encouraging infrastructure development to improve business conditions and by collaboration with government agencies to maintain a positive business environment with minimal interference from regulations. What issues are important to you? 



Aphrodite Caserta, Chair
The goal of the SCHA Education Committee is to provide value through tools, training, information, and networking to help lodging properties reach the highest standard of excellence and success in all areas of their business.

Governance Committee

Liza Graves and Joe Bartolomei, Co-Chairs
The Governance Committee is responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the quality and future viability of the board of directors by clarifying Board roles and responsibilities, monitoring and making recommendations to board composition, identify future board members, monitor board effectiveness and lead succession planning efforts.

Membership & Events

TBD, Chair
The mission of the SCHA Membership & Marketing Committee will combine the initiatives of the Education Committee to increase joint marketing efforts to build paid membership so as to develop a self-sustaining organization. The committee is to focus on marketing the association benefits and services to its members and/or potential members and to strengthen SCHA’s brand identity. The committee will keep the membership updated and informed of relevant industry and association news. Further, the committee will develop and implement marketing programs and activities which will support the organization’s initiatives to promote a positive community perception and recognize excellence in the industry.

Workforce Development

TBD, Chair
The mission of the SCHA Workforce Development Committee is to help member properties find well-qualified employees to reach their full-employment potential by reaching out in the community, informing and supporting the existing education and training systems of opportunities for employment and developing opportunities to further train our workforce towards five-star service in the hospitality  industry.


Photos courtesy Sonoma County Tourism