Workshops & Webinars


Throughout the year, SCHA regularly hosts seminars to offer useful tools for your success, as well as valuable access to forums featuring qualified experts and suppliers who understand our industry.

Our in-person workshops encourage dialogue and are led or moderated by experts and tourism professionals.  This allows for opening up the floor for discussion pertaining to the tourism world and hearing about other ideas on the topic – in a setting that encourages conversation.

Our webinars offer timely information and have a specific, action-oriented purpose, and aim to generate some concrete answers to current problems in tourism.

Workshops and webinars are a good opportunity to learn new skills and to familiarize yourself with a topic you don’t know well.  We have even recorded some of our workshops and webinars and you can watch them at your leisure.  Just review some of our past events for the recordings.

Photos courtesy Sonoma County Tourism

People meeting in a room
Post it notes on a wall with two people
Laptop with zoom meeting on screen